I Woke Up Famous Today

Ukraine's HIPERCHEL is blowing-up on YouTube! Watch for the debut single, "I Woke Up Famous Today," in December on iTunes!

Ukraine's Secret Weapon - Hiper Chel!

It’s funny, the lion’s share of the big, popular hit music for the last 100 years has come from the USA and UK. Notwithstanding, the awesome music that comes out of the rest of the world, Tiesto (Netherlands), Gypsy Kings (France), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), Ravi Shankar (India), Anna Netrebko (Russia), and the list goes on and on.

But now, even as traditional record companies are taking a beating on the retail level, a new generation of world music is rising up and being heard both regionally and all over the world, thanks to services like iTunes, Amazon.com, Pandora, and the distributors who feed independent music to them, such as ReverbNation.

It is an exciting time for new artists who are free to express themselves artistically, without influence from A&R “experts,” TV judges and marketing boxes. They are free to operate unconstrained even by the geographical location where they find themselves!

For example, an exciting new power-pop band in central Ukraine is having big success on YouTube right now as their video is going viral… They’re called HIPERCHEL and they are so happy to be growing their music on their own, with a little help from Moore Hits Productions in Nashville, Tn.

As I write this on November 30, 2013, their video has had over 250,000 views on YouTube and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is a truly viral outbreak, considering the pathetically small amount of promotion that has been put into it.

And what’s most exciting is that HIPERCHEL’S founder and lead singer, Lidiia Kudriavtseva is happy that way. They control the destiny of the band without oppressive contracts and unwanted partners and experts telling them how to get big!

They negotiate their own bookings, their downloads are available at Amazon.com, iTunes and other e-merchants, so it’s very much a fan-driven operation. “If our fans like our music, we succeed. If they don’t, we bomb! And we like it that way” says Lidiia.

Soon, HIPERCHEL will be launching a fan-funding campaign to support the next recordings. In the meantime, if you like what you hear, you can download “I Woke Up Famous Today” for just 99c at Amazon.com, iTunes and other e-merchants.

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